Invitation to Spring Term 2016 Meeting of Bromley Governors’ Network

The next meeting of the Network will take place on 24th February 2016 at the Railway Tavern, Bromley North (6.30 pm-8.00 pm). Please do come along for a chance to meet other governors from Bromley (and enjoy a drink or two!). If you can make it please do let me know so we have an idea of the numbers attending.
For those of you who have just joined a governing body or don’t know about the Network, the aim is to provide an opportunity to meet governors from other schools and share good practice. During the course of the evening we tend to discuss a wide range of topics. We would love to hear your experience of governance. If you have been recently inspected, then we would love to hear what you think of how the new regime compares with the old one.


Summer Term 2015 Meeting Report and Invitation to the Autumn Term Meeting

Bromley Governors’ Network held its Summer Term meeting on 24th June 2015 at the Railway Tavern, Bromley. Thank you to all those who attended and we look forward to meeting those of you who could not make it this time.
It was the first time for some of the governors to attend the BGN gathering and meet other governors. This is exactly what the aim of this group is; meeting other governors and sharing good practice.
During the course of the evening, we discussed a wide range of topics. One of the governors who attended told us that her school is in the process of joining a MAT. This process was at an early stage at that time and we look forward to hearing more about it in due course.
There was discussion around funding and the implications for the future. This involved discussion of funding received from central government as well as from the local council, specifically confirming our understanding of the Local Authority Central Spend Equivalent Grant (LACSEG).
Jo Penn, who is a National Leader of Governance (NLG) talked a bit about what is that that NLG’s do and the kind of support they can offer. If this is something you would like to explore further then please come along to our next meeting where you can discuss this in more detail.
Several of the governors attending sought, and were given, advice regarding the conduct of the Headteacher’s performance and pay review and the selection criteria for the panel.
Naureen Khalid told the group about the NGA/Times Educational survey and encouraged everyone to take part if they hadn’t already. The results of the survey have since been published in the September/October issue of NGA’s magazine, Governing Matters. As this is the biggest survey of governors and trustees, the findings will be of great interest to anyone involved with school governance.

The next meeting of the Network will take place on 21st October 2015 (6.30 pm-8.00 pm, please contact us for details of the venue). Please do come along for a chance to meet other governors from Bromley (and enjoy a drink or two!).

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Spring Term 2015 Meeting of Bromley Governors’ Network

Bromley Governors’ Network held its first meeting on 10th March 2015 at the Railway Tavern, Bromley. Governors who attended belonged to primary and secondary schools with academies (both single converters and MAT’s) and maintained schools being represented. As we’ve previously said this Network is being established in order to provide governors with a forum where they can meet other governors and share good practice. The purpose of this forum is not to be a provider of governor training. We aim to do exactly what it says on the tin, which is to give governors a chance to network.
The evening started with Jo Penn, an experienced governor and a National Leader of Governance (NLG) leading the introductions and telling us a bit about NLG’s and Naureen Khalid explaining why she had set this forum up. We then divided into small groups and got to know each other a little better. Everyone was encouraged to move around and try and talk with as many people as possible.
There were some very interesting discussions. Governors who were starting the process of Headteacher Performance Management talked with others who had been through the process. Governors whose governing bodies were looking into joining MAT’s discussed the whole process with governors who were already part of a MAT. We also discussed what support networks are out there for governors (Governor Line, NLG’s, NGA). Some governors were also interested in talking about governing body reviews, both self evaluation and external reviews. We heard from Jo about the All Party Parliamentary Group’s (APPG) plan to publish 21 Questions for MAT boards. They have already published 20 Questions for governing bodies which are being used by governors to self evaluate their performance. Some of the governors were interested in skill audits. Those governors who had carried out these audits talked about the process, the information they were able to glean from these and how they were using that information. We also discussed ways of effectively chairing meetings.
The general feeling at the end of the evening was that it had been an enjoyable event and that governors would like these to continue

Invitation To Attend Inaugural Meeting of Bromley Governors’ Network

The new Bromley Governors’ Network would like to invite you to our inaugural event which is being held on 10th March 2015 at the Railway Tavern, Bromley North  at 6:30pm.


The group’s aim is to give Bromley governors the opportunity to network, share good practice, and discuss issues that concern them.  To help start that conversation, please use the Contact Us page to email us if you intend to come, telling us whether there are particular issues you would like to discuss.